PiZero Hub Case

Whoop! our PiZero USB Hub Cases are back in stock!

Originally released by us as an open source design to "fill the gap" while a dedicated PiZero USB Hub is released, the PiZero USB Hub Case is a custom laser cut case to house both a PiZero and a LogiLink UA0160 or BelkinĀ F5U404 USB Hub in one neat package.

Based around the mod by Frederick Vandenbosch, we've removed some of the more complex soldering (in fact, if you don't mind having two power leads connected, one for the pi, and one for the hub, you can use it with no soldering at all) in favour of using some off the shelf components to make it simpler to put together for the average maker.

Included in the kit you get:

  • The acrylic case
  • 5 x 3mm nylon screws + nuts
  • 4 x 2.5mm nylon screws + nuts (Pi mounts)
  • 1 x mini to micro USB cable

Please note, the PiZero and USB Hub are NOT included and must be purchased separately.

See our original blog post for assembly instructions/pictures.

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